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Calculate How Much CO2 You Could Save by Electrifying Your Fleet

October 23, 2023


As a country, we’re committed to cutting 50% of greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and going net zero by 2050. One-third of these emissions come from transportation — a fact that makes the transition to zero-emissions vehicles (ZEVs) top of mind for every fleet operator. Especially those in California, where emissions reduction targets are particularly aggressive.


At TeraWatt, we know that behind every commitment must come a tangible action-plan, which is precisely where we can help you. Get started by entering a few key details about your current fleet to see how much CO2 you could save by switching to electric today.



As for how TeraWatt is tackling emissions reduction, the heart of our company mission is to build the mechanisms that enable transportation decarbonization at scale. We plan to deliver 1 TWh of charging to fleets across the nation by 2025 — reducing over 800,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions by converting diesel trucks to electric trucks. 


Each EV charging site we develop will feed into this mission. Our sites in the Inland Empire, for instance, will be able to charge up to 500 electric trucks per day, equivalent to reducing over 120 metric tons of CO2 emissions daily if those vehicles were all diesel-fueled. Next to that, our charging centers along the I-10 are game-set to enable long-haul transport to decarbonize as the technology improves. 


Note: The calculations above are estimates based on industry research and internal analysis and are not indicative of exact emissions reductions.