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Kaptyn x TeraWatt Partnership – Q&A with Kaptyn CEO

July 16, 2022

TeraWatt Forms Strategic Partnership with Premier EV Mobility Company Kaptyn

TeraWatt is proud to be the exclusive EV charging development partner for Kaptyn, a sustainable mobility company with one of the largest electric fleets in the U.S. In light of our recent partnership announcement, we took the opportunity to have Kaptyn CEO Andrew Meyers expand on how we’re working together and offer advice for other fleet owners looking to electrify. 

  1. Kaptyn has a unique business model in the mobility space. Can you speak to how the company differs from ride-hailing or shared mobility providers, and the gap it’s filling in the mobility market?
    • We believe the future of mobility is not a singular zero-carbon experience, but a collaborative platform that accelerates the adoption of sustainable business practices. In order to serve the growing eco-conscious consumer base, brands need to be able to lean on an experienced partner to deliver charging infrastructure at scale. As a full stack operator of sustainable fleets driven by employee drivers, Kaptyn offers a reliable and consistently delightful guest experience while removing gas-powered vehicles from the road.
  2. Why did Kaptyn decide to partner with TeraWatt to build your charging infrastructure?
    • We have a strong shared vision for the critical role that electrifying fleets will play in decarbonizing our economy and halting climate change. We will be able to move towards that goal more quickly by combining our respective expertise to scale. By leveraging TeraWatt’s unique combination of expertise across energy project development, real estate and asset financing, we can focus our efforts on strategically scaling and operating our electric fleet operations.
  3. Where will Kaptyn’s first charging hub be built? How many vehicles will it service?
    • We’re already operating our first charging hub in Las Vegas, Nevada in a pilot phase. TeraWatt is helping us to dramatically scale our hub operations in Las Vegas with a project underway that will scale up charging infrastructure for our growing fleet of vehicles. In parallel, we are working together to develop sites in South Florida, Southern California and other North American markets to support Kaptyn’s growing operations.
  4. What’s your advice for other mobility or fleet companies looking to electrify?
    • My biggest word of advice is to start early! You’ll need to analyze the trends of your fleet utilization and business operations. The majority of fleets won’t be passenger transport focused like Kaptyn’s; they will be transporting goods or catering to the gig economy. In these cases, building your utilization schedule is really important.
      Given the accessibility of ICE vehicle fueling, i.e. gas stations, fleet operations can often take the charging issue for granted. It poses a whole new set of challenges that most companies have never dealt with before. What TeraWatt does well is the infrastructure development side. They think about the fundamental pieces required to continue to run the business with on-site charging instead of gas stations. Working with TeraWatt, we are able to leverage our proprietary EV fleet management software to integrate into TeraWatt’s charging infrastructure, ensuring maximum efficiency in charge and fleet management.
  5. What are your hopes for the future of Kaptyn’s partnership with TeraWatt?
    • Electrifying transportation is one of the most impactful things we can do on the road to decarbonization. The faster we can scale EV operations for Kaptyn, the more vehicle miles we are able to transition from internal combustion engine to electric. It is our hope that with TeraWatt as a partner, we can focus on growing and operating our EV fleet, knowing TeraWatt will be there to ensure we have the best charging infrastructure to support it.