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We’re pairing world class talent with strong financial backing to develop, create, and build the largest EV infrastructure network on earth.


Neha Palmer has over two decades of leadership experience in the energy industry. Most recently, she led energy strategy for Google’s global data centers. As the first hire focused on data center energy, Neha built out and led the team developing electric infrastructure and electricity procurement for the global fleet, covering dozens of sites over four continents. Key achievements include making Google the largest corporate buyer of renewable energy in the world, and the first company of its size to achieve 100% renewable energy for operations, which it has done since 2017. Prior to Google, Neha held leadership roles at Pacific Gas and Electric, and worked as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs. Neha will bring her deep expertise in building out rapidly growing fleets of large scale energy intensive infrastructure to the emerging heavy EV charging asset class, a segment on track to outpace even the incredible growth data centers have seen over the last decade. Neha holds an MBA in Finance from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and a BS in Civil Engineering from California.

Ethan Goldsmith


Ethan Goldsmith is a co-founder of TeraWatt Infrastructure and a Partner at Keyframe Capital. Ethan has spent his career working with and for companies driving the transition to electrified transportation. This includes stops working in consulting, working at Rivian Automotive in a strategy role, and most recently as a Partner at Keyframe Capital. Ethan first worked as a consultant at Roland Berger supporting the firm’s clients, primarily incumbents in the automotive industry, assess the implications of vehicle electrification on their businesses. Most recently, Ethan helped define Rivian, the startup electric vehicle OEM’s, commercial strategies. Through these experiences it was clear to Ethan that 1) electric vehicles were coming, and much faster than most, including participants in the automotive industry, were expected, and 2) there was not a “natural home” for electric vehicle charging infrastructure ownership. These conclusions, combined with the collective insights of TeraWatt’s founding team, were the driving force behind the business’ origins.


Benjamin Birnbaum is a co-founder of TeraWatt and company Board Director. Ben has been obsessively working between municipalities, companies, and capital markets on how transportation, automotive, and energy as industries would need to find new ways to collaborate and contract with one another given the pace of technology change. Ben previously served as the Vice President of Strategy for MV Transportation, one of the largest transit operators in the world. In this role, Ben was responsible for establishing partnerships with Departments of Transportation in over 200 cities across North America, where MV operates, to integrate new technologies and service models to bring positive change to urban transit ecosystems. It was this deep municipal transit operating experience that fueled Ben’s conviction that as the world’s vehicle fleet electrified, a new breed of asset developer, owner, and operator would need to emerge to deliver the kind of infrastructure that the world would require for a successful transition to electric vehicles. And TeraWatt was born.

Today, in addition to his role with TeraWatt, Ben is a Partner at Keyframe Capital, a NYC based cross-asset investment firm that focuses on enabling change in physical infrastructure categories – like electric vehicle charging. Ben leads much of Keyframe’s investing focus in transportation, mobility, the built environment, and their cross-sections with energy business models. Other Board Director roles held by Ben include May Mobility, BuildingsIOT, and Aquicore. Ben holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Accounting from Pennsylvania State University.


In addition to being a co-founder and Board Member of TeraWatt, John Rapaport is the Chief Investment Officer of Keyframe Capital and a Partner at Cyrus Capital Partners. Since 2008, John has served in various roles at Cyrus, including responsibility for certain investments in the industrial, transportation, financial technology, and energy sectors. Previously, John was an associate at Sankaty Advisors LLC, a division of Bain Capital LLC. John has also been a Lecturer in the Economics Department at Yale University. From 2009 until its sale to Alaska Airlines in 2016, he served on the board of Virgin America and has served on a number of other public and private corporate boards. John holds a B.A. degree, Magna Cum Laude, from Harvard University.